DG Climate Action wishes to further understand the role of CO2 reuse in the EU. In order to gain a better insight, a range of technology applications are being reviewed and assessed for their appropriateness for use in the EU. The most promising technologies are selected and analysed more in-depth to get insights in what is needed to stimulate the development of these technologies. The results will be translated to recommendations for policy and regulations evaluated against the existing policy framework to indicate any implications.

Besides the analysis of CO2 reuse technologies, DG Climate Action also wishes to bring together the different stakeholders of CO2 reuse technologies. Therefore, a workshop is organised on 24 October 2012 to share and discuss the results of the study and to bring together the stakeholders of CO2 reuse technologies. More about the workshop can be found here.

The final results of the study are expected beginning of 2013.


Project team

The project team consist of two consultants: Ecofys and Carbon Counts. More information can be found on About us.


Role of the European Commission

From the perspective of the European Commission, CO2 reuse technologies are important on three areas:

  • CO2 reuse technologies can contribute to the mitigation of CO2 in Europe by reusing CO2 that otherwise would have been emitted into the atmosphere.
  • By stimulating the reuse of CO2 in industrial applications, CO2 is not longer only a waste product, but a resource as well. Developing these technologies can make them economically beneficial for European companies and generate employment;
  • If CO2 becomes a resource for industrial applications, capturing CO2 would become economically interesting. This could stimulate the development and implementation of CO2 capture technologies and subsequently stimulate CCS as well.


The European Commission sees a clear role for themselves in the development of CO2 reuse activities. Although most of the activities take place in North America, European countries are getting more involved in technological development. Especially in Germany and France, but also in Italy and Spain CO2 reuse activities are growing. By obtaining a European overview of the most promising technologies, the activities in Europe and possibilities to stimulate the technologies, the European Commission can contribute to their development.